Introducing Ceress Foods

Ceress Foods is an international company with a passion for products such as carriers, puff pastry, crackers, snacks, pastries and cakes. We deal with the distribution, sales and marketing of various national and international manufacturers and developing various private labels for our customers and partners. Key Markets for Ceress Foods are Western Europe, North America and Canada.

Our strength is to develop quality concepts and products for specific customers and markets. Years of international experience enables us to act as a partner for both our suppliers and customers.

The manufacturers we work with provide, in consultation with Ceress Foods, added value concepts with a strong focus on innovation, quality and a good price-value ratio. All our manufacturing partners are certified (ISO, BRC, IFS, HACCP) in order to guarantee the required quality for our customers. Against this background, we invest for our customers, in our extensive network and select only the best suppliers.

Consumer choice is our priority. We put our utmost to meet the needs in terms of quality, taste and vitality of modern and conscious consumers. Consumers want to enjoy their products, but if possible in a more responsible manner. Ceress Foods is committed to offer products with fewer calories, healthy fats, less sugar and natural ingredients.

Ceress Foods aims to be the link between the manufacturer and the customer by delivering quality products, with the possibility to develop tailor-made concepts for a specific customer- or marketcombination.

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